Trust and estate litigation, administration, and mediation.

When people think of trust and estate law, they often think of estate planners. But the practice area is broader than that. It consists of three primary subcategories: planning, administration, and litigation. Estate planning is the process of thinking through and memorializing what a person wants to happen to their assets and their person once they lose capacity or die. Administration is the process of putting the person’s plan into effect. Litigation is the process of working out problems that arise regarding the person or their assets.

Mediation is a method of resolving litigation and informal disputes. It is not specific to trust and estate law. But it is a significant component of the practice.


Anyone can find themselves in a trusts and estates dispute. Everyone owns stuff. Everyone dies. Anyone can be among the people to whom a decedent wished to leave their stuff. When problems arise in transferring a deceased or incapacitated person’s assets, a trusts and estates litigator can help …


A trust or will is like a map. You might have the document, but it won’t get you to your destination unless you follow it. That is, the trust or will might tell you where a deceased or incapacitated person’s assets need to go, but you still need to take them there. You need to “administer” the instrument …


Mediation is a process in which an impartial mediator helps people or entities resolve whatever conflict they are facing. It is a private, cooperative process in which the mediator works with the parties to help them find a way to end their dispute …

Estate Planning

Parnall Trust and Estate Law does not provide standalone estate planning services. However, we are happy to consult with you to get a sense of your situation and provide a referral to an estate planning attorney who fits your needs …

From Our Clients

paula gerhardt
paula gerhardt
Dave Parnell oversaw the research, writing of orders, the management of filings and court dates for an extensive Family Trust Litigation that I was involved in as a co-defendant. In addition he developed a legal strategy that enabled our side to stop the case in it's early stages and avoid prolonged litigation. He prepared the case for a very streamlined effective trial. At all stages of the process, Dave was always accessible, extremely detailed in reviewing multiple drafts of filings with me and my co-trustee and well beyond patient in explaining to us each step of the way through the legal process. By keeping us in-the-know about deadlines and court appearances Dave provided us with additional certainty and clarity that everything was on track. Ultimately, the detailed final order that Dave wrote was strong enough that the Judge's own final order copied it verbatim. Most importantly, Dave's expertise and compassion for seeing justice delivered gave me the peace of mind to navigate through a previously unknown and complex legal process. I highly recommend working with Dave Parnell, I felt like I was part of his team.
kenneth moye
kenneth moye
Dave Parnall was hired to help me in an estate litigation case to distribute assets to beneficiaries. I had never been involved in any type of litigation, but knew it would be expensive and time consuming. My biggest worry was how to navigate the legal maze, court system, and deal with opposing attorneys without stressing out and going broke. It was my good fortune to find Dave as my attorney who led me step-by-step through the entire case to conclusion over a 3-year period. After I established my goals for the case, he developed a strategy to attain them. No matter how complex events became, he remained focused on my goals. I really appreciated his efforts to avoid conflicts throughout the case, but was also willing to remove the gloves when it was necessary. Dave was a calming voice when things got heated in the case and clearly outlined my options at each stage of the litigation with their pro and cons. He was acutely aware of helping me keep the billable hours to a minimum by letting me do some of the leg work such as preparing statements, hiring appraisers, and contacting the beneficiaries. Dave consistently kept me up to date on the case and replied to my phone calls and emails within 24 hours or sooner. Can’t say enough how I appreciate Dave’s expert legal abilities and genuine empathy for me and my case.
Maria Elena Rodriguez
Maria Elena Rodriguez
Mr. Parnell took on our complicated elder/family case and stayed with during the many long months it took to resolve. He was a compassionate advocate and advisor, navigating with us through a change of judges, and seemingly endless continuations of the case. He was tenacious but elegantly avoided conflict with the opposing party. Yet he never shied away from it when their demands were unreasonable. We felt he generally cared about us, his clients, and was cost-conscious without ever compromising his service. The goals he set and explained to us were largely accomplished. We never felt neglected or shut out of the loop during this long ordeal. He welcomed and answered all questions we had along the way. I recommend him highly.
Rene Mandel
Rene Mandel
Dave expertly and effectively handled an aggressive opposing counsel and a highly complex set of beneficiaries. He developed a solid strategy and always kept sight of it. In fact, he was so good that when our case was over, the opposing law firm hired him!
Bryna Barsky
Bryna Barsky
Dave has helped me with a very complex legal issue for years now. He is an incredibly intelligent, ethical, competent and empathetic attorney. He writes legal briefs that are compelling and articulate. He goes above and beyond for his clients, often working after hours and weekends....whatever it takes to get the job done. He was amazing during trial, organized, composed, and respected by the Judge. He won a very difficult case for me and I am forever grateful. I couldn't have asked for a better attorney for my case.

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